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viagra dosageDiscover the colorful unspoiled coral gardens with some crystal clear blue water through schools of fish and pelagic along the magnificent Perhentian Island, one of Malaysia’s top dive destinations. More spectacular dive sites are available for you to experience upon request. Our knowledgeable and experienced local dive team, supervised by our PADI Instructors, will guide your memorable underwater adventure.

D’ Lagoon Dive Center practices high safety conscious of the diving procedures and has great respect in environmental awareness. Our friendly and English speaking staff will happily assist and guide you to share these underwater beauties.


D’ Lagoon Dive Center run by knowledgeable & experienced PADI Instructors. Our friendly instructors with years of experience will make a great team-teaching and will assist you to have convenient and flexible training systems and schedules which at the end will create knowledgeable and skillful divers, in easy, safe and fun ways. PADI Courses are available at our place from beginner up to Divemaster level and various PADI Specialty Courses available upon request.



The Perhentian group of island is situated 20km off the coast of Terengganu. The islands offer endless stretches of palm-lined beaches, pristine waters and beautiful coral reefs. The lush rainforest on these island is just deal for jungle-trekking. Made up of three islands, Perhentian is also designated Marine Park and tourist will enjoy their popular dive sites.

With over 23 diving sites of various features, including shipwrecks and large rock formations with swim-through tunnels, Perhentian is a diver’s paradise.


Some of interesting dive sites in Perhentian;