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restaurantThe D’Lagoon Restaurant features a relaxed waterfront setting with a magnificent view of the South China Sea, while enjoying the sounds of gentle lapping waves

At The D’Lagoon Restaurant, our goal is to provide fresh, flavorful food at a great value. Our menus are the perfect blend of western and local favorites.

getthereAt The restaurant there are free facilities such as WIFI, Satellite TV and magazines/books for you to kill your time while waiting for the food to be serve. If you’re lucky, there’s Dikir Barat show by the staff in certain nights.

Our restaurant opens daily at 7.30 am to 5.30 pm for breakfast and lunch. As viagra dosage for the dinner and supper, the restaurant is ready to serve starting at 7.00pm till 10.30 pm.

Local favorite steam fish, mix vege & mighty sambal belacan